The Property Brothers Reveal Their Best Money-Saving Secret Ever

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"Property Brothers" stars Jonathan and Drew Scott are pros at helping homeowners curb their budgets, and their latest episode reveals what could be their best money saver ever!

And get this: The idea appears to come from the buyers, not the bros. Hey, we’ll take great advice wherever we can get it, right?

In the "Mad About Plaid" episode, Carolyn and Brad and their children Crosby and Bailey have been living with Grandma for two years, helping her through a particularly tough time. But Grandma is in a good place now, so the family feels ready to move out.

With Drew’s help, they soon find a home they love in the Nashville, TN, area, and buy it for $760,000.

The "Property Brothers" stars are up for the challenge of making this plaid kitchen chic.

At first glance, the house’s biggest flaw appears to be the plaid wallpaper in the kitchen. But it’s much worse than that. Here’s what the brothers discover, and how they manage to sidestep this budget killer with ease. Watch and learn!

Sellers can have their own inspection done

Here’s a tip for home sellers who want to avoid that nail-biting period where they have an offer, but have to wait until the buyers hire a home inspector to scrutinize the property for flaws: hire a home inspector themselves.

That’s exactly what these home sellers have done, and since the inspection was conducted by a respected firm with a stellar reputation, Carolyn and Brad feel they can trust it.

Purchase a home warranty

In the sellers’ home inspection report, Brad observes a note about a potentially faulty HVAC system, and decides to purchase a home warranty—a policy that covers the cost of repairing many home appliances if they break down.

And lo and behold, after checking it out further, Jonathan discovers that the HVAC unit in the attic is shot: The ducts are too small, and some of them are in the walls they want to knock out. But thanks to the home warranty, all the repairs are covered, saving them more than $12,000!

How to compensate for a small yard

With two active kids who are both involved in sports, Carolyn and Brad are disappointed to see that the backyard of their otherwise dream home is small, and mostly brick. But Drew points out that there’s a big park just down the street, and that it’s a great opportunity for the kids to meet new friends in their new neighborhood.

How kids can help with demolition

The kids want to be involved in the home’s demo work, but then again, you can’t have kids swinging sledgehammers, kicking through walls, and tearing off high cabinets. So Jonathan puts them to work schlepping the garbage out to the dumpster (wearing gloves, of course). That way they feel like they’re contributing to the project—while remaining well out of harm’s way.

Try a beadboard ceiling

If you want something interesting overhead but don’t have the space and/or budget for a coffered ceiling, try adding wooden slats called beadboard. It adds texture and diversity to an otherwise smooth, boring surface—and it sure beats the cottage cheese treatment.

The right way to incorporate an accent color
Jonathan paints the fireplace accent wall a distinctive navy blue.

It’s obvious that this family loves blue, because they’re all dressed in different shades of the color almost every time you see them. So they want that color incorporated in their house, but too much would be overwhelming, and would detract from the light, airy feeling they seek.

So Jonathan paints the fireplace wall a bold navy, and uses blues in accents such as pillows, rugs, and throws.

Shop the bargain bin
The kitchen is bright white, with a custom navy tile backsplash.

Jonathan has picked out attractive patterned tiles for the kitchen backsplash and some other areas, and although the patterns he’s selected are immensely popular right now, Carolyn doesn’t love any of them. She invites Jonathan to come with her to a custom tile store where the tiles are all handmade. However, he fears everything there will be far too expensive, noting that some custom tile can cost over $200 a square foot.

But Carolyn steers him toward the discount table, where there is a good variety at reasonable prices. And wouldn’t you know, they just happen to have the right amount in a style she loves, at a mere $15 a square foot. Perfect!

Do the Scott brothers deliver?
Jonathan wearing the duct tape tool belt Bailey made for him

"We’ve had a rough couple of years as a family," says Carolyn when she sees her newly renovated house. "And now, to have our own home … it’s overwhelming. It’s gorgeous!"

Daughter Bailey is so thrilled, she’s made a duct tape tool belt for Jonathan, and a duct tape tie for Drew. Which they immediately try on, and start ribbing each other.

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